Three Rooms, 2020
with Juan F. Vera.
Laurenz / VIE

»We solemnly swear that everything that existed in the beginning will be there at the end. There will be no secrets left untold for those who dare to look and observe.«

Three Rooms is an intstallative play made up by objects in the space, its architectural interactions (door, fence,..), light and their relation within the space. Featuring 19 used office-chairs, a jacket, a hook, a bag, a doorstop, a bluetoothbox, a piece of cloth and the ominous objekt a. Their positions and relations changed over the course of the opening, presenting three distinct situations or states with the exact same set of things: New in Town (Room 1), No Peer Pressure Without Peers (Room 2) and The Power of Denial (Room 3).